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First Time Users who have been to Sunnyside Veterinary Clinic before

The easiest way to log in is to use your account number as your security code and log in a "Returning Online User".  Your account number is located on the upper right corner of your invoice.  Once you log in for the first time, feel free to change the password to anything you like.  If you don't have an old receipt, you will have to log in as explained next.


If you log in as a New Online User - Already Visited the Practice,

If you don't have an old receipt to get your account number, you will need to log in as a New Online User - Already Visited the Practice.  The system will ask for your name and your phone number.  It will have a hard time finding you unless the phone number you give matches the one we have on file exactly, including the area code.  If you have a local number, try it first without the 208 prefix. If that doesn't work, try it with.  Once it finds you, the system will send you an email with a link to click to enter the Web Portal.  Then you are good to go.

Returning Users

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