On-line scheduling

Our convenient on-line scheduling function will allow you to schedule your own appointment right now.  Just follow the links and fill in all the blanks.


For you mobile device users

Even if you are a long-time client, the system may have a hard time "finding" you.  No worries, just proceed as a new client.  We'll sort it out later!


For tablet, laptop, or desktop users

Again, even if you're a long-time client, it's actually faster to make an appointment as a New Client rather than as an existing client.  Go ahead, we'll sort it out later.  Unless you have already set up an account password.  Then go ahead and use that.


But first a test....

A lot of folks from around the nation and around the world find our website and then request appointments.  This doesn't work out so well unless you actually live in Eastern Idaho.

Similarly, some folks think they are scheduling at a nearby clinic when they are really scheduling with us. Take  good look at our picture and be sure that is the clinic you are after.  We're across Sunnyside from Home Lighting Center.


If you live in Eastern Idaho and think this is The Clinic for you:

Go ahead and click here or on the button to continue


If you do not live in Eastern Idaho, or want to go to a different clinic:

Sorry, but your search for the Perfect Veterinary Clinic will have to continue.  Click here to return to Google.