Welcome to our clinic


Here is a brief Video Tour of our clinic.



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Here are a few images of our clinic.


The Lobby and Reception Area

Here is our lobby.  We have lots of seating, and a friendly reception staff to make you feel at home.


The Treatment Area

This is where we take care of hospitalized patients, take lab samples, change bandages, etc.  Our lab area is on the right, and the surgery is behind the glass doors.


Exam Room 1

This is our Big Dog exam room.  It has a ramp to help them get up on the exam table, and a consultation area for talking about cases.


Exam Room 2

This is our exam room for small dogs.


Cat Exam Room

We reserve this room for cats only!


Cat Boarding

We have another separate room to house cats.  There has never been a dog in this room.  We need to lose the broom.