Welcome to the Sunnyside Veterinary Clinic Library.  Articles of interest are listed below in alphabetical order.

ACL Injuries in Dogs

An article describing what an ACL injury is, and how it is treated


Adjuvanted Vaccines

A reference citing research showing the risks of adjuvanted vaccines in cats


Aspirin for Dogs and Cats

An article explaining the risks and out-right dangers of using aspirin in pets.


Bladder Diseases in Cats

Welcome to the bizarre world of feline lower urinary tract disease


Bloat, Preventing Bloat

Bloat is a life-threatening problem that happens in 5% to 35% of large dogs.  Here's how to prevent it.


Calcium Oxalate Bladder Stones

Here is the low-down on Calcium Oxalate Bladder stones


Canine Influenza

News about the recent Canine Influenza outbreak in the Midwest


Cast and Splint Care

Life is full of rules.  Here are the rules for pets wearing casts or splints


Clinic Tour

A photo tour of Sunnyside Veterinary Clinic


Cushing's Syndrome in Dogs

A lengthy essay about the whole process of treating Cushing's Syndrome in dogs


Declawing Cats

An essay about risks, costs, and benefits of declawing cats


Dental Disease

An in-depth discussion of periodontal disease in cats and dogs


Diabetic Dog Discharge Instructions

Instructions for how to feed and care for your diabetic dog


Diabetic Cat Discharge Instructions

Instructions for how to feed and care for your diabetic cat


Diabetic Cat Foods

A huge list of commercially available canned cat foods with their carbohydrate content listed.  Choose diets with less than 7% carbs


Grain-Free Dog Food

Grain-Free dogfoods are beginning to be linked to heart disease in dogs.


Heartworm Disease

A summary of this new threat to dogs in Idaho Falls


How to Make Your Cat's Trip to the Vet Better

Tips and videos on how to make your cat's trip to the Vet a better experience


How to Tell if Your Pet is in Pain

Signs to look for in evaluation pain in animals


Indoor Cat Initiative

A huge resource for understanding what stresses cats and contributes to behavior problems, courtesy of  The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  It's Jackson Galaxy in a box!


Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is an improvement over the scalpel, with less bleeding, swelling, and pain.


Orthopedic Surgery

An overview of orthopedic surgery and fracture repair at Sunnyside Veterinary Clinic


Pain Management

Here's more than you ever wanted to know about pain control.  CAUTION:  Heavy Science Content


Resorptive Lesions in Cats

A beginner's guide to the Resorptive Lesion.


Respiratory Disease Outbreak

Comments of the current respiratory disease outbreak being reported in the media.


Stomatitis in Cats

An article on Stomatitis in cats


Teeth Cleaning:  Does My Dog Need His Teeth Cleaned?

How to tell if your dog needs his teeth cleaned.


Time to Spay or Neuter

When is the best age to Spay or Neuter?.


Vaccination Guidelines

Here are the latest vaccination guidelines from AAHA and the AAFP.  There are some big changes here.


Vaccination-Associated Sarcomas in Cats   

An in-depth article on a controversial topic.