Frequently Asked Questions

Canine Influenza FAQ

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How much is an exam?

The short answer is $66.54 (as of Jan 2024).  However, the real question is "What will it take to correctly diagnose and treat my pet's medical problem?"  The answer to that varies, and may include things like blood testing, x-rays, urinalysis, etc.  But everything starts with an exam.  Click here to make an apppointment.


What does it cost to have my dog's teeth cleaned?

A basic cleaning will cost $237.81 (as of Jan 2024).  However, older patients, patients with periodontal problems, or patients that need extractions will cost more.  The good news is that we offer Free Dental Exams.  We can give you a better idea of what things will cost after we have examined the patient.  Click here for a coupon good for a free dental exam, and click here to schedule the apointment.   Click here to go to a page on dental problems in dogs.


What about Heartworm Disease?

Heartworm disease is not a problem in our area.  In 2015 we tested over 300 patients, and exactly zero of them were positive for heartworm disease.  The only time you need to worry about Heartworm Disease is if you move here from a heartworm disease area, or if you and your dog travel to a place that has heartworm disease.


How much is it to get my dog (or cat) spayed (or neutered)?

If you call around town looking for prices, you will find a big range in fees quoted. Click here for an explanation why, and some quotes for our clinic.