Payment Plans


Sometimes veterinary care expenses catch us off-guard.  Here are a couple of option that can help.


CareCredit is a well-known health services credit card.  Once approved, you can use it for your pet's care at any Veterinary Clinic (that accepts it) as well as lots of Dentists Offices and Vision Care Clinics for yourself as well.  Application is quick, easy, and on-line, and will not affect your credit score.  Click here to apply for CareCredit on-line, or you can do it by phone at 1-800-677-0718.





Although CareCredit can be used at Dentist and Optical Offices as well, it can be a little hard to get approved.  Enter ScratchPay. ScratchPay is similar to CareCredit, except it can only be used at Sunnyside Veterinary Clinic and it is easier to get approved. Click here to apply for ScratchPay.