We are a cat-friendly clinic

Is your cat getting the medical care he or she needs?


In the United States, cats now out-number dogs as household pets.

Despite their popularity, in most veterinary clinics they make up the minority of the patients. And for good reason! While dogs love to go for rides in the car, most cats would rather hide under the couch. And while many dogs love to go places and meet people, many cats are wary of new faces and new places. It can be very hard and stressful on both the patient and the owner to bring a cat into a Veterinary Clinic.


But that doesn’t mean cats don’t need regular veterinary care.

Cats benefit from regular veterinary visits just like dogs do. Regular veterinary visits can help your cat live a longer, healthier, happier life. Cats need some vaccinations annually, and some every three years.  Click here to read more about cat vaccinations.  Aging cats have seem to have even more health problems than aging dogs. High blood pressure, serious dental problems, arthritis, diabetes, and kidney disease are all very common in aging cats, and we can do a lot to help these kitties live longer, more comfortable lives.


As a Cat-Friendly Clinic, we have ways to make it easier for you to bring in your cat

Our Cat-Friendly techniques make it not only easier, but less stressful for you and your cat once you get here.

  • We have two special cats-only rooms, a cattery and an exam room. They are out of the way, and there are no dog smells in them at all. Click here for pictures.
  • We have cat carriers here at the clinic that you may borrow to transport your cat to and from our clinic.
  • We move our cat patients as quickly as possible into the cats-only exam room. Often you will spend no time in the waiting room at all.
  • We use special pheromone diffusers to help calm nervous cats.
  • We have a page of advice on how to make your cat’s trip to the doctor less stressful and more enjoyable. Click here