Grain-Free Diets for Dogs


What follows is further proof that no good

deed goes un-punished

So you want to take great care of your dog?

And so you thought grain-free food would be the way to go?  Well, not so fast.  Turns out there may be a problem with grain-free diets in dogs.


There is some early evidence that is worrisome.

There is some early evidence that certain grain-free diets can cause heart disease in dogs.  Specifically, dog foods that are based on legumes, such as peas, lentils, and pulse are implicated.  But it's not that simple, because potatoes and sweet potatoes (which are not legumes) seem to be involved as well.  Click here for a brief outline in handout form.


The FDA has produced an article.

Click here to access the article.  


The Bottom Line

Grain-free diets may not be as healthy as we thought.  And there has always been some controversy about just how wide-spread grain intolerance is is in dogs in the first place.  IMHO, I think we should have a good reason to switch a dog to a grain-free diet before doing so.  If your dog is doing well on a "regular" dog food, don't fix what isn't broken.  If you dog has issues with grain-based diets, then make the switch, but be aware that it appears that there can be some pretty serious consequences to going grain-free in certain cases.